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Unleashing potential and broadening perspectives with InEduverse

InEduverse Overseas Education is a bespoke education advisory headquartered in Gurgaon. We remain focused and dedicated in aiding students to realize their ambitions of pursuing higher education overseas. With a strong commitment to personalized guidance and comprehensive support, we strive to empower students to make well-informed decisions about their academic and professional futures.

Our mission is to facilitate students to actualize their optimal educational aspirations and career pathways through a superior standard of counseling and guidance, while also becoming their dependable ally throughout their overseas academic expedition.

Expertise and Credentials

Rooted in the belief of offering steadfast backing right from the outset, we harness the expertise of our exceptional and experienced counselors. Our team of professional advisors help students on a wide range of educational pathways across various disciplines and institutions worldwide.

InEduverse houses a team of compassionate counselors who understand the unique needs and challenges of each student, considering factors such as academic background, financial constraints, personal circumstances, and cultural adaptation. 

With strong analytical and critical thinking skills gained through their extensive experience, they effectively assess students’ profiles, identify suitable educational options, and develop personalized action plans which are flexible and adaptable to suit individual requirements.

Leverage our extensive experience to create a rewarding education pathway to your global career

Course, Country & University Selection

We assist you in meticulously choosing the ideal study program, educational institution, & country that align seamlessly with your career goals.

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Application Assistance

Tailored guidance enhances your application, showcasing a distinctive profile to your desired universities for maximum impact and success.

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Why partner with us?


Students can effortlessly and conveniently book virtual counseling sessions at their preferred times via our online scheduling tool for virtual counseling.


We offer exceptional mentorship and guidance to every student who joins us, ensuring they leave with great satisfaction and a smile on their face.


Our core principle is to provide unwavering support to students from the start, leveraging the expertise of our exceptional team of counselors.


Our goal is to provide students embarking on their overseas education journey with unwavering reliability and confidence at every step.

Our Team

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Isha Jhingon Managing Director
Booby Timotius Managing Director
Stevev Matoa Managing Director
Sabrina Malaciano Managing Director
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Need guidance? Let us help you.

Need guidance? Let us help you.

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